About TFA London


TFA London is part of The British Shop – an established shipping firm with many years’ specialist experience in custom case making and freight forwarding.  We are experts in shipping fine art safely & securely throughout the UK and to virtually anywhere in the world.

TFA London provides a full range of dedicated art handling and logistics services. We specialise in the design and build  of customised crating for your artwork and the technical packing within, also installation/de-installation of all types of work including sculpture, storage both long and short term, and we manage the complete transportation arrangements of high-value pieces of art, antiques and entire exhibitions to countries all over the world from door to door.

Call us on 020 7064 4322 to discuss your needs.The British Shop

We approach every challenge with an open mind and flexibility. We are here to provide you with the most efficient, appropriate and cost-effective method of transporting your works to their destination. We respond quickly too – throw something at us today and see how we do.

Our team are always happy to answer your questions, give advice and discuss your options.

We aim to give you fast and accurate estimates, with a complete breakdown of all charges. This makes it easier for you to see how and where costs might go up or down if you make changes to your shipment, so that you can make decisions quickly before even asking for a re-quote.

From the moment we begin working with you, you’ll always have direct contact with our specialist team. If you need an airfreight quote, to arrange a collection, or the exact dimensions of a painting in our warehouse, you can speak directly to us.