Gazelli Art House Sculptures

With an artist’s studio situated at the far end of a long pathway and over spilling vehicles from a neighbouring mechanics workshop lining the already narrow access, this was always going to be a project that required extra special planning and particularly careful execution.

The two giant statues of Bra and Corset, built from steel in 2016 were bound for Soho’s Golden Square in London as an addition to Westminster’s City of Sculpture programme.

The stunning sculptures, both 8 foot high and weighing in at over 2000kgs were very slowly and painstakingly moved by hand by the TFA London crew along the car-lined access route, ensuring both artworks and vehicles remained in perfect condition.

62 heavy railway sleepers that made up the final part of the installation were also moved one by one and loaded onto Tuplin’s largest air ride art truck.

The works were delivered immediately to the nearest available position for the truck to the display point. 62 sleepers and the enormous bra and corset again had to be unpacked, carried down steps and gently transported across the square on skates and piano wheels before our technicians positioned, installed and secured the art works ready for public enjoyment… much to the delight of crowds of watchful tourists and their camera phones!

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